Martin Helda

Scholarship for Entrepreneurs

The Martin Helda Scholarship for Entrepreneurs provides students that are planning to start their own business after school with scholarship funds.  Students have a chance to be awarded $1,000 towards your education and tuition.

Who Qualifies?

The Martin Helda Scholarship for Entrepreneurs is open to any current college student who has a desire to start their own business or high school student who has an interest in entrepreneurship. If you have an interest and wish to know how you can apply, just click the apply link below to see all the details.

martin helda

Martin Helda

martin helda

Martin Helda

San Jose, California Businessman & Entrepreneur

Martin Helda is a businessman and entrepreneur based in San Jose, California.  Martin had an entrepreneurial spirit from a very young age.  From age 15, he started an apprenticeship and by his early 20’s he was running his own successful commercial flooring company, All Bay Area Floors.  Since then, Martin has also launched a concrete business, Bay Area Concrete Polishing.


Learn More About the Scholarship

If you are a current student who plans to open your own business in the future, you may qualify for the Martin Helda Scholarship.  Just head over to the application page to see how to apply for the scholarship.  We want to wish all of the applicants luck with your entries and on your journey to become a successful entrepreneur.

Money Towards Education

The rising cost of education in the United States is making it more difficult for students to be able to afford to follow their dreams, and many are left with crippling debt upon graduation.  Martin Helda would like to give back a little to the next generation of entrepreneurs with his scholarship.

The Martin Helda Scholarship for Entrepreneurs offers $1,000 to a student who we will choose based on the application criteria.  check out the application page to learn all the details.


Learn More About The Martin Helda Scholarship

Any current students who have questions regarding the scholarship can use the form on the contact form to get in touch with the Martin Helda Scholarship, or if you wish to apply, go to the application page to find the details about the essay competition.  Any universities or financial aid departments who would like to be involved with the scholarship can feel free to reach out to get involved.


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