Martin Helda

Businessman & Entrepreneur

Martin Helda knew from a very young age that he was destined to be a successful entrepreneur.  He grew up in San Jose, California and graduated from Willow Glenn High School, and immediately after, started on his journey to be an entrepreneur and business owner.

Martin started in the flooring business with an apprenticeship when he was only 15, and quickly moved up to be a supervisor by the time he was 20.

After learning the ropes in the flooring industry, he was ready to open his own business at the young age of 21.  He decided to take the California State Contractors License Exam and is one of the youngest to ever pass the exam.  

Then his dream of becoming a business owner was ready to begin, and Martin founded All Bay Area Floors, a commercial flooring business in San Jose, which has grown over the past 12+ years and how has over 60 employees.

For Martin Helda’s next business venture, he opened Bay Area Concrete Polishing, which he plans to grow in the concrete industry to the level of his flooring enterprise.

When he isn’t growing his businesses, Martin enjoys working on his classic cars which include the Ford Mustangs which he is currently restoring.  He is a family man who enjoys practicing sports with his children and spending quality time with his family.

Professional Credentials

Personal Life

  • Born in San Jose, CA
  • Loves Classic Cars
  • Real Estate Investor

education background

  • Willow Glenn High School

Professional Experience

  • One of Youngest to Pass California State Contractors Licenses Exam
  • Founder of All Bay Area Floors
  • Launching Concrete Business in near future

Connect with Martin Helda

Martin is available to chat for networking or business opportunities and would love to collaborate with others in the flooring industry, especially in the bay area.  If you are part of the flooring industry, have questions for Martin, or have any potential flooring job opportunities, feel free to fill out the form on the contact page to get in touch with Martin.


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